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Types of Competition & Eligibility to Compete

Tier 1 - British Championship
This tier of competition is the highest standard of weightlifting in the UK, showcasing the best lifters our country has to offer. Lifters from anywhere in the UK are eligible to compete, however they must have met the qualification standard in a valid competition.

Tier 2 – Home Nation Championship (e.g. Welsh Championships)
Competitions hosted by the Home Nations. Each will have its own eligibility standards, so check these with the organiser before entering. For example, the Welsh Championships is only open to lifters who meet the eligibility criteria (found below)

Tier 3 – Ranking Events
For example, an Academy Open. These events are open to all lifters to enter and achieve results that feature on our rankings list. This tier is suitable for both novice and experienced lifters and the ideal place to qualify for Tier 1 and 2 competitions.


Welsh records will only be accepted from Tier 1, Tier 2 and international competitions. Tier 3 results will not be accepted

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Eligibility Criteria enter a Welsh Championships

To lift in any Welsh or British Weight Lifting competition, you must have a British Weight Lifting Membership. To lift in a Welsh National event, such as the Welsh Championships, or to be eligible to qualify to represent Wales in an international Weightlifting event, one of the following should apply:

1. To have been born in Wales

2. To have a Welsh Parent

3. To have a Welsh Grandparent

4. To have been granted Welsh residency (minimum 3 years)

The above does not apply to 'Open' events hosted by WW, such as the Welsh Open, Academy Open, Masters Open etc.

Youth female lifter lifting in competition
Girls Gemau Cymru 2019 Codi Pwysau 0235 gan Irfon Bennett
Boys with medals at Gemau Cymru 2019
Mikey Farmer Welsh Champs
Lauren Burley WS19
Laura Hughes 2017 Welsh Champs
Youth male lifting in Gemau Cymru 2018
Youth Male lifter taking a Snatch attempt in competition
Faye Pittman Welsh Seniors
Para Powerlifting Classification