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Entering a Competition

Once you have your membership with British Weight Lifting (BWL), you can enter a competition via Sport80 BARS System.

All Weightlifting Wales events are registered on the BWL BARS system. All your results and rankings in registered events will also show up in your personal membership profile on Sport80.

When you find a competition to enter, make note of the 'entry deadline' date. Usually, competition entries will close around a month prior to the event, sometimes even longer, to give time to plan the event itself, so make sure you check this information to avoid missing out.

When signing up for a competition, you will be asked some information about yourself and you will need to select your weight category.

Please note: If you enter a Weightlifting Wales event on Sport80, correspondence about the schedule / start-list etc. will come from Weightlifting Wales, not British Weightlifting.

If you have any competition-related questions, please contact

Withdrawing from Competition:

Should you have to withdraw from an event for any reason WW will issues a partial refund so long as you withdraw prior to the event. You should notify Events Manager as soon as you intend to withdraw from a WW event so that the necessary changes can be made to the start-list and schedule.

Weight Categories in Weightlifting

  • Women: 45kg, 49kg, 55kg, 59kg, 64kg, 71kg, 76kg, 81kg, 87kg, 87kg +
  • Men: 55kg, 61kg, 67kg, 73kg, 81kg, 89kg, 96kg, 102kg, 109kg, 109kg+

Weight Categories in Para Powerlifting

  • Women 41kg, 45kg, 50kg, 55kg, 61kg, 67kg, 73kg, 79kg, 86kg, 86kg+
  • Men 49kg, 54kg, 59kg, 65kg, 72kg, 80kg, 88kg, 97kg, 107kg, 107kg+


All competitors must comply with the anti-doping rules. WW events are registered with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), meaning any competitor at any level and of any age, may be selected at random to be drug tested in a competition.

Once you have entered one of our events, you are effectively entered into the testing pool within the UK. Strict liability applies to all participants, it is essential that all participants are aware of the World Anti-Doping Prohibited List, as well as all of the UKAD anti-doping rule violations that can result in a sanction.

You can find out all you need to know using the links below.