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Become a Volunteer!

There are lots of different roles for volunteers at WW events, you could be a Referee, a Chief Marshal, a Technical Controller, an MC, the Timekeeper, the scoreboard operator or a loader. You do not need to be a competitive Weightlifter to learn how to do any of these roles, at the same time, if you are a lifter, you can fit in voluntary roles around your own competition schedule.

Our volunteers are an integral part of our team, without them, we wouldn't be able to run any competitions!

Volunteers will receive expenses, accommodation and meals for their time and will be welcomed into a supportive team of people who love to give back to our sport.

Loaders are highly sought-after, hard-working and quick-thinking individuals. As a loader, you are fully immersed in the competition, you are responsible for the preparation of the bar and platform for each and every single lift in the competition. We offer a daily fee to our competition loaders for their services. If you are interested in becoming a loader for Weightlifting Wales, please get in touch with

If you would like to become a Technical Official, take a look at the BWL education page, or get in touch with us for advice!

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