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Parent's Hub: Safeguarding

Keeping your child safe

Parents play a vital part in safeguarding children in sport. Children may come to their parents to tell them when they are concerned or worried about something that has happened to them or about something they have witnessed happening to someone else. In such cases, it is important for parents to know how to raise the alarm appropriately.

If you're worried that your child is being abused or put at risk during sports activities, it's vital that you talk to someone.

The animation below is a useful guide for parents of children participating in sport.

Do you need advice?

Simon Roach, Strategy and Development Manager
Hannah Powell, Business Support Officer

The Child Protection in Sport Unit and the NSPCC have lots of resources for parents to help ensure that their child is safe whilst participating in sport.

NSPCC: What do parents need to know about their child's sports club?

Five key questions to ask your child's sports coach when choosing a Club for them

NSPCC: Keeping children safe in sport: A Parent's Charter

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CPSU Preventing Abuse of Positions Of Trust

A summary of the Preventing abuse of Positions of Trust legislation

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A podcast exploring the importance of creating a positive culture around food, nutrition, weight and shape for young athletes.

Child Protection in Sport Unit: Advice for Parents

Information for parents of children in sport

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NSPCC Parent Hub

Resources for parents of children in sport

Free E-Learning for Parents: Keep your child safe in Sport

Free Parent E-Learning (Cymraeg)

Free resource for parents (available in Welsh and English)

NSPCC Information and Guidance on Protecting Children from Grooming

5 questions parents safe sports club poster
SG Poster Website

Club Safety

Weightlifting Wales and British Weight Lifting licensed clubs are required to have safeguarding measures in place, including qualified coaches with an enhanced DBS, and club welfare officers who have completed a Safeguarding and Protecting Children classroom workshop, via UK Coaching, additional courses are available such as the Time to Listen workshop. Clubs affiliated to Weightlifting Wales and British Weight Lifting are bound by their agreements to enforce safeguarding procedures within their club. Weightlifting Wales and British Weight Lifting have no influence over unaffiliated Weight Lifting facilities in Wales / the UK and for this reason, it is highly recommended that lifters choose an affiliated centre to practice Weightlifting.

Visit our news section for important guidance for members.

Preventing Abuse in a Position of Trust

Weightlifting Wales is committed to safeguarding people participating in the sport, it is therefore vital that everyone involved in Weightlifting Wales, including coaches, volunteers and staff, are aware of their duty to safeguard the interest of children, young people and adults at risk.

In 2022 new legislation was published, closing a loophole which had previously enabled some sport leaders to abuse their position of trust. (See 2.2 in Safeguarding Policy).

People who hold a position of trust; such as a coach, a welfare officer, an official or a member of staff within a club or organisation, have a responsibility for the welfare of the under 18's members of their club / organisation, and therefore should not engage in a sexual relationship with anyone within their care, who is under the age of 18 years old.

If you are concerned about the behaviour of someone who is in a position of trust, you can report this to:

  • Your/your child's Club Welfare Officer
  • Weightlifting Wales Safeguarding Officers (simon.roach@weightlifting.wales or hannah.powell@weightlifting.wales)
  • British Weight Lifting Safeguarding Officer (Sue Ward - via email: sue.ward@britishweightlifting.org or telephone: 01132 249 402.)
  • The Police

Make a Report

If you need to make a report to Weightlifting Wales, you can contact Simon Roach, Lead Safeguarding Officer on simon.roach@weightlifting.wales or Hannah Powell, Deputy Safeguarding Officer on hannah.powell@weightlifting.wales, you may email also use one of the forms below to detail your report.


Reporting a Safeguarding Concern flowchart


Report a Concern


Report Bullying


Keeping Your Child Safe in Sport Week


Safeguarding Children Policy


Welsh County Contacts


Parent Code of Conduct