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Annual General Meeting


The AMG will take place virtually on Monday 10th October 17:30pm, this will take place via Zoom, rather than previously stated Microsoft Teams, as there are sometimes issues with email accounts outside the organisation accessing Teams meetings.

A link will be shared with members prior to the meeting.

Weightlifting Wales note to Members regarding the Company Articles:

The last two years since Covid-19 seemed to take over our lives’ pressure has been put on all sports including ours. As we return to more ‘normal times’, some of the additional ways used during Covid-19, including to have meetings virtually, proved that other ways to meet can be successful. Virtual meetings offering more opportunities for people to engage have worked well, therefore, our AGM this year will be undertaken virtually to ensure that as many Members as possible can attend without having to travel long distances.

Last year the Board undertook a review of the Company Articles and approved, at Board level at least, the changes that are being put to the Members at the AGM on Monday 10thOctober at 17:30pm. The suggested changes will be put to the Members as Special Resolutions as required by the Companies Act. A Special Resolution requires a 75% approval by the Members either in person or by proxy for an in-person meeting. However, as we will be having a virtual meeting other arrangements will be put in place for the voting prior to the meeting, this will be explained in detail on the AGM Agenda.

The AGM Agenda will be circulated via email and published on the website on 20thSeptember, it will contain full information regarding the Special Resolutions and Director nominations and how voting will take place.

Once you have received the Agenda, if you have any questions about any of the resolutions or processes, please contact Hannah Powell who will answer any of your questions.

Some key dates for members to keep in mind:

  • AGM 17:30pm Monday 10th October 2022, Teams (link will be sent to members)
  • Voting on Special Resolutions open on 26th September - 6th October via Election Runner, details to follow. See Special Resolutions in the Agenda.
  • The election will take place in the meeting via a show of hands of those members present. Proxy voting will be in place for those unable to attend the meeting. See proxy form below.

Filleted Accounts 2021/22


WW 2021 - 2022 EOY Report


Annual General Meeting 2022 Agenda


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