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12 December 2023


Weightlifting Wales has continued with their on-going support and compliance to successfully evidence the 24 requirements within the UKAD Assurance Framework.

To demonstrate Weightlifting Wales commitment to clean sport there has been regular, pro-active communications on anti-doping to pathway athletes, athlete support Personnel and the Welsh membership. A variety of communication has taken place, such as in-person educational workshops, key topics communicated through emails, social media campaigns, website updates, news items and Clean Sport Week. Communications have promoted a variety of important UKAD topics, such as Global DRO, Informed Sport, Anti-Doping Rule Violations and the World Anti-Doping Agency 2024 prohibited list, including the summary of changes.

Pathway athletes receive training over an 18-month period covering various topics from the Weightlifting Wales Clean Sport Education Strategy. Training is delivered by the Weightlifting Wales, UKAD Educators. Athletes entering the pathway at the new regional level complete the Level 1 and level 2 Complete British Weightlifter, inclusive of Lift Clean foundation modules relating to UKAD topics.

Educational reach to parents, club coaches, recreational athletes and non-competitive members has taken place via the Weightlifting Wales social media channels, email and website.

To support to the UKAD testing programme and to ensure that a robust and effective testing programme continues to be delivered in Weightlifitng, the National Governing Body supports the UKAD Assurance Framework with annual information gathering for testing.

The core anti-doping information for all members of Weightlifting Wales and those associated with the NGB (athletes, coaches, parents, technical officials, volunteers, staff, directors and supporters) may be found here

Weightlifting Wales clean sport priorities include

Enforcing a strict zero-tolerance approach to doping and having a duty to protect clean sport

Abiding by the WADA and UKAD anti-doping rules

Expecting all our athletes and clubs to take personal responsibility for adhering to the rules

Embedding a culture of clean sport and providing an educational and information programme

Valuing our sport and working hard to retain our reputation.