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1 September 2023

Weightlifting Wales & Talent Pathway iD Ltd Well-being Survey: Your Club's Participation Matters!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Well-being Survey, a collaboration between Weightlifting Wales and Talent Pathway iD Ltd.

Our shared mission is to understand the broader health, well-being, and experiential impacts of weightlifting and strength activities across our community.

This project underscores our collective commitment to enhancing the weightlifting / strength training experience for every member and ensuring that our programs cater to the holistic needs of our community.

Who’s Talent Pathway iD?

They're specialists in creating insightful sports data visualisations. They'll help transform our survey results into actionable insights for clubs like yours.

Why this project?

Insights into Well-being: Beyond the physical benefits of weightlifting / strength training, this project delves deeper into the mental and emotional impacts. This understanding will allow us to tailor programs that promote holistic well-being.

Tailored Programs: By gauging the motivations, health impacts, and experiences of our members, we can design programs that resonate with their needs and aspirations.

Strengthening Our Community: This survey will offer insights into the communal aspects of weightlifting / strength training, enabling the nurturing of robust ties, camaraderie, and mutual support among members.

Future Strategies: The feedback will be instrumental in guiding our future strategies, ensuring that our collaborations remain impactful and relevant to our members.

Talent Pathway iD Ltd Support: Talent Pathway iD Ltd is not only a collaborator but also a valuable supporter of this project. They will be generating club-level reports and visualizations, making it easier for clubs to access and understand insights.

Why Should Your Club Members Participate?

Voice and Representation: Every response contributes a unique voice. By participating, members ensure their experiences and goals influence the evolving landscape of weightlifting in Wales.

Quick and Convenient: The survey is designed to be intuitive, ensuring members can express their views efficiently.

Privacy Guaranteed: All survey responses are anonymous, ensuring the utmost privacy for all participants.

How Can You Help?

Promote Participation: We urge clubs to champion this cause and motivate all members to partake.

Amplify the Message: Share the Word: Post the survey link on your social media channels and newsletters. Discuss in Club Meetings: A brief mention can boost participation.

Feedback and Collaboration: We deeply value the insights of clubs. Should there be specific issues or areas you believe need emphasis, we're here to listen.

The survey is accessible at https://talent-pathway.shinyapps.io/ww_member_experience/

Let's join together, forge a path for a brighter, healthier, and unified weightlifting / strength community in Wales.

Your support and commitment to the growth of our sport is hugely appreciated.