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26 September 2022

Celtic Nations 2022 Team Announcement

Weightlifting Wales is delighted to announce a team of eighteen athletes for the Celtic Nations 2022. The team consists of nine male athletes from youth through to senior, and nine female athletes from youth through to senior.

The Senior Team:

  • Harry Nelms
  • Joseph Walton
  • Filip Taylor
  • Jo McEwan
  • Bethan Watkins
  • Jennifer Potter

The Junior Team:

  • Cian Green
  • Edward Gibson
  • Ben Foggo
  • Charlotte Whalley
  • Niamh Collins
  • Alys Le Roux

The Youth Team:

  • Millie Lerwill
  • Grace Morris
  • Honey Seaton
  • Daniel Davies
  • Thomas Hughes
  • Luke Fletcher

The Coaching Team:

  • Christie Williams
  • Hannah Powell
  • Holly Knowles
  • Tom Jolly
  • Josh Bellew

The coaches will support the eighteen athletes, lead by Strategy and Development Manager, Simon Roach, who will be in the role of Team Leader.

Weightlifting Wales would like to congratulate all the athletes and wish them all the best out on the platform!