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12 July 2021

UK Anti-Doping Update

Following the publication of the new UK Anti-Doping Assurance Framework in April 2021, the Weightlifitng Wales board of directors has re-confirmed the National Governing Bodies adoption of the UK Anti-Doping rules in full and without amendment.

The Strategy and Development sub-group which reports to the full board has taken quick action, working towards the many requirements of the new Anti-Doping Assurance Framework to ensure full compliance to the framework by April 2022.

In a recent, full board meeting, Simon Roach, Strategy and Development Manager was appointed as the Anti-Doping Lead and Gareth Evans, athlete representative to the board appointed as Board Anti-Doping Lead.

All athletes have the right to compete in sport knowing that they, and their competitors, are clean. Weightlifting Wales believes in clean sport and work in partnership with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), British Weightlifting and our International Federation (IF) to ensure that the integrity of our sport is protected.

The core anti-doping information for all members of Weightlifitng Wales (athletes, coaches, parents, technical officials, volunteers, staff, directors and supporters) may be found here.