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7 June 2024

Weightlifting Wales are WSA Sports Industry Awards winners

Weightlifting Wales come out as winners at the Welsh Sports Association Sports Industry Awards in the ‘Most Influential Campaign’ category.

Weightlifting Wales is delighted to share the news of being honoured as one of the winners at last night’s (Thursday 6th June 2024) Welsh Sports Association (WSA) Sports Industry Awards, marking a significant achievement for the organisation and its dedication to the grassroots participation opportunities to the sport in Wales.

The award ceremony, held last night at the Parkgate Hotel in the city centre of Cardiff, celebrated the finest achievements within Welsh sports, shining a spotlight on the remarkable initiatives undertaken by WSA members. Weightlifting Wales stood out and managed to win an award in the category of ‘Most Influential Campaign Award’ for its Raise the Bar programme. A testament to all the academy centres delivering the initiative to over 1000 young people who have participated in this ongoing and extremely successful programme since the start of the project back in December 2021, as part of the Winter of Wellbeing initiative funded by the Welsh Government. These participants have gone on to increase their confidence and mental wellbeing, through social interactions with others, making new friends, and supporting their physical well-being through Weightlifting, with the sessions focused on enjoyment and learning how to lift safely and build strength.

Simon Roach, strategy and development manager for Weightlifting Wales said upon receiving the award,

“The Raise the Bar programme has exceeded all our expectations, supporting children and young people in their health, social and wellbeing development. The programme was designed to bring young people together through sport, using Weightlifitng as the catalyst for social interaction, making friends, enjoyment and working together.”

“The initiative has encouraged children and young people to take up our sport for the longer term, driving forward numbers taking part at club level, within the Welsh pathway and at our events.”

“Academy centres delivering the scheme on behalf of Weightlifitng Wales have collaborated with local community groups, clubs and schools; witnessed their Weightlifitng clubs expand and have organised local competitions for their growing membership.”

“The programme is free, with many delivery centres supporting children from deprived areas.”

“Weightlifting Wales is honoured to receive the WSA most influential award and thankful to its academy centres for delivering the programme and Welsh Government for the initial funding which helped to create this very successful scheme.”

This year’s WSA Sports Industry Awards saw a diverse range of nominees, highlighting the pivotal role these initiatives play in shaping and advancing the Sports and Leisure sector in Wales. Weightlifting Wales very much appreciate the WSA Sports Industry Award sponsors Net World Sports who have been able to make this award possible for the organisation to receive, as well as taking the opportunity to thank the Welsh Sports Association for hosting this wonderful event.

Weightlifting Wales’s recognition for its achievements in the Raise the Bar programme is a hugely proud moment for organisation. There is a sense of inspiration for building upon the success delivered on this initiative by the hard work of the organisation’s small workforce. The academy structure under pins much of the important work of the Weightlifting Wales strategy, with Weightlifting Wales and academies focused on working together to raise Weightlifting and Para Powerlifting performance, and of course provide support and developments for local communities. There is a common feel of working together to achieve the same goals.