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9 November 2022

Welsh Athletics & Weightlifting Wales Collaboration

In October Welsh Athletics organised their first National Development Programme (NDP) camp of the year which took place at the National Indoor Athletics Centre in Cardiff.

Weightlifting Wales staff led all event group athletes and their coaches through educational workshops. 50+ athletes and over 30 coaches were guided through inclusive sessions with focus to maximise performance and minimise injuries through : -

  • Specific mobility training
  • Positive movement patterns
  • Technical development
  • Assessment of athletes movement competency and understanding
  • Force and power production
  • Core stability
  • Transfer of power through the trunk / core
  • Correction of left and right body imbalances
  • Correction of anterior and posterior imbalances

Delivering S&C sessions at this national level is a part of the Welsh Athletics and Weightlifting Wales collaboration, a future programme to assign talented Welsh athletes to Weightlifting Wales academies / clubs for Strength and Conditioning provision.