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9 November 2022

Silver for Wales at the Celtic Nations 2022

Weightlifting Wales took a development team up to Dundee on Friday 14th October for the Celtic Nations 2022. The team consisted of youth male and female, six Junior men and women and six Senior men and women.

The day started with the youth girls, Grace Morris, Millie Lerwill and Honey Seaton. They all put in great performances with Grace breaking welsh age group records, Honey going 6/6 in her debut and Millie hitting all personal bests. A strong start to the day.and boys

The youth boys were up next. This group was close, battling with the other nations but Daniel Davies won the group with the highest Sinclair, Thomas Hughes hit a new personal best and Luke Fletcher has taken the Welsh U17 snatch record on his debut.

Junior women Niamh Collins, Alys Le Roux and Charlotte Whalley were up next. Alys made her debut at the Celtics making a great start with the snatches but unfortunately, it wasn't Alys' day, and her jerks were deemed a press-out by the judges. Niamh also made her debut this weekend and went on to equal her personal bests. Charlotte won the junior women’s group with the highest Sinclair.

The junior men Ben Foggo, Cian Green and Edward Gibson were up next. Ben put in a record-breaking performance, taking the clean and jerk and total Welsh age group records. Cian kept us all on the edge of our seats making his third snatch and putting up a 130kg clean and jerk. Edward put in an impressive performance on his debut for Wales.

Then it was time for the seniors to step out on the platform. Bethan Watkins, Jo McEwan, Jenni Potter and Sian Peters all made their debuts at the Celtic Nations. It was very close between the Welsh women, all opening within a kilo of each other and battling with the other nations for that extra kilogram. It was a very close result with the Welsh senior women coming in just behind Scotland’s commonwealth athletes.

The senior men, Filip Taylor, Joseph Walton, and Harry Nelms were in the final group of the day. Filip and Joseph both made their debuts at the Celtic Nations. Harry won the group with the highest Sinclair total. Another very close group, the senior men put up a great fight and came in second, only 19 Sinclair points behind the Scotland senior men.

The team put in some great performances and secured the points needed for Wales to walk away with the 2nd best overall team.

It was a very successful competition day with multiple athletes achieving new personal bests and winning their group with the best Sinclair. The athletes formed a great team atmosphere and provided support to one another throughout the day. All 6 coaches worked together in the warm up room to place athletes in the best position possible by selecting weights and board watching.

Throughout the competition there was no guarantee on who was going to win, the team scores changed after every group, and it was all down to the final few lifters to secure a good total. Due to a superb team effort from all, Wales took the second-best team in the competition.

Thank you to all athletes and coaching staff for creating a fun and exciting environment, we wish you all the best moving forward and look forward to seeing your development over the coming months.