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5 October 2021

WW achieve Preliminary Level in Equality

Throughout 2020 and 2021 WW have been working towards achieving Preliminary Level in Equality, which WW were awarded in September 2021.

Following the election of the new board members, the Equality Group was formed. Together, they have put together a detailed and achievable Equality Action Plan based on the outcomes of the 2020 equality data collection surveys and guided by the WW Strategy.

The plan will involve key staff and volunteers working together to implement projects within the wider community, to support clubs to offer inclusive services, and embed equality values into their everyday work.

Equality, diversity and inclusivity are very important to Weightlifting Wales. We thoroughly value what diversity within our membership and organisation can bring. We feel that there is no better way to demonstrate our inclusivity, than to focus on making our sport accessible to all those who want to get involved.

WW is passionate about driving forwards in this area; we believe that Weightlifting has something for everyone, and we endeavour to share the benefits with as many people as possible. The Equality Action plan is harmonious with both our Strategy and Operational Plan; our vision being to help the nation of Wales become fitter, stronger and healthier.

Everyone is welcome to be involved in Weightlifting and the Equality Group have the backing of the board to implement this plan in order to ensure that we are reaching more people, removing barriers and facilitating participation at all levels. We look forward to seeing the positive outcomes.

WW will continue to carry out annual audits of the organisation through surveys, in order to continue our work in this area.

"As a board Member and Equality Champion for Welsh Weightlifting, I commend the work that the organisation is doing around equality and inclusion, ensuring that the knowledge around equality and inclusion is embedded throughout the Weightlifting community. The removal of barriers and making the sport accessible to all, creating safe spaces where everyone feels welcome and achieving our vision of being able to help the nation of Wales become fitter, stronger and healthier." -Equality Champion and Director, Nathan Stephens


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