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24 August 2021

Future Coaches of Wales Programme

Weightlifting Wales is introducing its first coach development course called Future Coaches of Wales Programme. Coaches play a vital role in Wales to teach people from all walks of life weightlifting. We are looking for passionate individuals with aspirations of becoming a coach and are committed to inspire individuals to take up the sport, improve health and nurture champions.

What is in the programme?
Qualifications (funded by WW)

4-month window to complete Level 1 Assistant Coach.

4-month window to complete Level 2 Weightlifting Coach.

2-month window to complete Level 2 Technical Official.

Additional content
UK Anti-Doping


Coaching youth athletes

Coaching female athletes

Practical Experience
Technical officials’ role at an Academy Open
Shadowing opportunities at development squads

Check ins with a Weightlifting Wales member of staff

Course duration 1 year

3 weekends consisting of 2 days, Friday, and Saturday

4-month window to complete L1 Assistant Coach

4-month window to complete L2 Weightlifting Coach

2-month window to complete L2 Technical Official (TO)

During the practical sessions we will cover topics such as UKAD, programming, coaching youth athletes and coaching female athletes.

Who can apply?
Age 17+
Member of Weightlifting Wales/British Weight Lifting
Member of an Affiliated club/Academy
Actively coaching or aspiring to actively coach at an affiliated club or academy

When and how can I apply?
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